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我有一壶酒, 足以慰风尘

当年我22岁,正对国内四大BBS程序(分别是动网、雷傲、BBSXP、LeadBBS)之一的leadbbs的热情和专注。 那时候距微软推出.NET平台不过4年,.NET平台风华正茂。于是注册了leadnt.com,目的是用.NET/C#将leadbbs的功能重写,这个事情后来还真做了,只是最终程序没有对外发布。 后来先后用了zblog、wordpress,作为一个博客站点,记录了日常的生活和技术方面,从2017 - 2018,正好11年了。最近几年,工作的缘故,写的比较少了,如今软件技术已经基本互联网化了,技术理念和技术创新和11年前相比简直天壤之别。 今天想整理一下,于是陆续翻了一些2007年开始的文章,感觉那个时候写的东西还不太成熟,不适合现在看,更不适合公开到网上。感觉这个博客也完成了当初的使命,今天就把它下线了吧。



I have a jug of wine, enough to comfort the dust.

Leadnt.com started in 2017.
When I was 22 years old, I was enthusiastic and dedicated to the leadbbs of one of the four major BBS programs in China (Mesh, Ray, BBSXP, LeadBBS). At that time, it was only four years since Microsoft launched the .NET platform, and the .NET platform was flourishing. So registered leadnt.com, the purpose is to use .NET/C# to rewrite the function of leadbbs, this thing was actually done later, but the final program was not released. Later, Zblog and WordPress were used as a blog site to record daily life and technology, from 2017-2018, exactly 11 years. In recent years, the reason for the work has been written less. Nowadays, software technology has been basically Internetized. The technical concept and technological innovation are quite different from those of 11 years ago. I want to sort it out today, so I have turned over some articles that started in 2007. I feel that the things I wrote at that time are not mature enough. They are not suitable for viewing now, and they are not suitable for publicity online. I feel that this blog has also completed its original mission, and I will take it offline today.
Today I am still passionate about technology, and my current interests are in big data (Hadoop, Canssandra), distributed (microservices, message queues), artificial intelligence (mainly neural networks). The next research direction is cloud computing, which is how to support the distributed storage and calculation of massive data with high availability and high performance.
In addition, compared with before, there will be more non-technical learning and thinking, including super-personal psychology, Western philosophy, Western management, etc., looking at a lot of technology-independent knowledge.
Nowadays, there are so many media platforms, and usually write technically irrelevant thinking content.

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DuJianyu,2018/08/04 in Beijing.